Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, May 2019 

Original Article

Investigation of a Preliminary Mixed Method of Phubbing and Social Connectedness in Adolescents

Pages 1-10

Chin-Siang Ang; Kye-Mei Teo; Yong-Le Ong; Siau-Li Siak

Study of Methamphetamine Use in Patients Referred to Emergency Ward of a General Hospital at North of Iran in 2017

Pages 18-25

Pezhman Hadinezhad; Mehran Zarghami; Hosein Montazer; Mahmood Moosazadeh; Fattaneh Ghaderi

Factor Structure of the Smoking Temptation Scale: Cross-Validation in Iranian men

Pages 26-34

Abdurrahman Charkazi; Masoud Khorramrroo; Rahman Berdi Ozouni-Davaji; Gholamreza Sharifirad; Alireza Abadi; Bagher Pahlavanzade

A Study on the Pattern of Self-reported Tobacco Addiction in Hypertensive Patients in Gujarat, India

Pages 35-42

Amrita Sarkar; Debjit Roy; Meet Chauhan; Naresh R. Makwana; Dipesh V. Parmar; Sudha Yadav

The Relationship between Dysfunctional Attitudes and Communication Skills of Women with an Addicted Husband on the Verge of Divorce

Pages 51-57

Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh; Zohre Rajabizadeh; Solmaz Shokouhi Moghadam; Zahra Vafadoost