Aims and Scope

Addiction & Health, is dedicated to advancing knowledge in the field of addiction science and its far-reaching impact on health. We welcome contributions from researchers and experts across diverse domains, including psychiatry, psychology, neuroscience, general medicine, and related fields, that explore addiction's multifaceted connections with physical and mental well-being, societal implications, and evidence-based interventions.

 Addiction & Health's specific objectives are to:

  • Attract high quality original articles, systematic reviews, perspectives, policy briefs, book reviews, short communications, commentaries, hypotheses and letters to editor on topics relevant to health system
  • Ensure papers reflect a broad range of disciplines, methodologies and topics
  • Provide a fair and high-quality peer-review process
  • Ensure a wide geographical coverage of papers with a special focus on low-and middle-income countries
  • Ensure papers provide a trustable resource of information for the journal audience