Volume & Issue: Volume 7, 1-2 - Serial Number 1, January 2015 (14) 

Short Communication(s)

Investigating the Relationship between Personality Traits and Self-Control and ‎Nicotine Dependence Symptoms in Male Prisoners in Kerman, Iran

Pages 82-86

Tayebeh Baniassadi ‎; Zeinab Javanmard; Mahmoud Zivari-Rahman; Solmaz Shokouhi-Moqhaddam; Masoumeh Adhami

Case Report(s)

Breastfeeding: Negligence or Extreme Support? A Case Report of Child Abuse by a ‎Negligent Heroin-Dependent Mother

Pages 92-95

Mahin Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Delaram Barfeh; Parvin ‎ Eslami-Shahrbabaki

Letter(s) to Editor

Knowledge and Attitude of Health Network Staff toward Illegal Drug Use

Pages 96-98

Reza Afshari; Abbas Zavar; Mahbobeh Alidoust; Razieh Pourandi

Original Article(s)

Effectiveness of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Persistent Methamphetamine ‎Psychosis: A Pilot Study

Pages 14-23

Hassan Ziaaddini; Toktam Roohbakhsh; Nouzar Nakhaee; Alireza Ghaffari-Nejad

Short Communication(s)

Effect of Anti-Smoking Legislation in Public Places

Pages 87-91

Nagesh Bhat; Swapnil Oza; Jaddu Jyothirmai Reddy; Ruchi Mitra; Rahul Patel; Sopan Singh

Original Article(s)

A Study of the Sexual Function, Sleep, and Weight Status of Patients after 6 Months of ‎Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Pages 24-29

Noushin Parvaresh‎; Abdol Reza Sabahi; Shahrzad Mazhari; Hoda Gilani

Effects of Different Concentrations of Opium on the Secretion of ‎Interleukin-6, Interferon-γ and Transforming Growth Factor Beta Cytokines ‎from Jurkat Cells

Pages 47-53

Gholamreza Asadikaram; Somayeh Igder; Zahra Jamali; Nader Shahrokhi; Hamid Najafipour; Mostafa Shokoohi; Abdollah Jafarzadeh; Mohammad Kazemi-Arababadi

Fasting Blood Glucose and Insulin Level in Opium Addict versus Non-Addict Individuals

Pages 54-59

Mohammad Hossein Gozashti; Farzaneh Yazdi; Pouria Salajegheh; Mohammad Moein Dehesh; Kouros Divsalar

Post-operative Analgesia in Opioid Dependent Patients: Comparison of ‎Intravenous Morphine and Sublingual Buprenorphine

Pages 60-65

Shaabanali Alizadeh; Ghafar‏ ‏Ali Mahmoudi; Hassan Solhi; Bahman Sadeghi-Sedeh; Reza Behzadi; Amir Mohammad Kazemifar

Comparing Violence against Women with and Without an Addicted Spouse in ‎Kashan, Iran

Pages 74-81

Mohsen Adib-Hajbaghery; Rouhangiz Karimi; Hassan Karbasi; Mostafa Haji-Rezaei; Efat Aminolroayaee