Author = Hassan Ziaaddini
The Relationship between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Religious Orientation with Perceived Stress and Cigarette Addiction among University Students

Volume 11, Issue 2, July 2019, Pages 73-80

Nabi Banazadeh; Abdolreza Sabahi; Hasan Ziaadini; Arash jalali khalilabadi; Mohammad Banazadeh

Development and Psychometric Assessment of the Methadone Therapy Experiences Questionnaire among Patients under Treatment

Volume 11, Issue 3, July 2019, Pages 183-191

Saeideh Homaei; Nabi Bannazadeh; Farzaneh Roaei; Hassan Ziaaddini

Comparison of Buprenorphine and Buprenorphine/naloxone in Detoxification of Opioid-dependent Men

Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2018, Pages 269-275

Hassan Ziaaddini; Shima Heshmati; Maryam Chegeni; Mahboobeh Mousavi-Ramezanzade; Shahrzad Mazhari

Effectiveness of Electroconvulsive Therapy in Persistent Methamphetamine ‎Psychosis: A Pilot Study

Volume 7, 1-2, January 2015, Pages 14-23

Hassan Ziaaddini; Toktam Roohbakhsh; Nouzar Nakhaee; Alireza Ghaffari-Nejad

A Study of the Phenomenology of Psychosis Induced by Methamphetamine: ‎A Preliminary Research

Volume 6, 3-4, August 2014, Pages 105-111

Alireza Ghaffari-Nejad; Hassan Ziaadini; Samaneh Saffari-Zadeha; Ali Kheradmand; Fatemeh Pouya

Drug Use among Residents of Juvenile Correctional Center in Kerman, Iran, and its Relationship with Personality Dimensions and Self-concept

Volume 6, 1-2, January 2014, Pages 22-29

Amin Gousheh; Hassan Ziaaddini; Mohammad Reza Baneshi; Nouzar Nakhaee

Meta-analysis of Smoking Prevalence in Iran

Volume 5, 3-4, August 2013, Pages 140-153

Mahmood Moosazadeh; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Mirzazadeh; Ahad Ashrafi-Asgarabad; Ali Akbar Haghdoost

Smoking Intensity and its Relation to General Health of the Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Volume 5, 3-4, August 2013, Pages 102-107

Mansoureh Nasirian; Hassan Ziaaddini; Somayeh Asadollahi

The Effectiveness of Group Therapy on the Family Functioning of Individuals under Methadone Treatment: A Clinical Trial

Volume 5, 1-2, January 2013, Pages 1-6

Hassan Ziaaddini; Batoul Ebrahim Nejad; Nouzar Nakhaee

Comparison of the Efficacy of Buprenorphine and Clonidine in Detoxification of Opioid-Dependents

Volume 4, 3-4, December 2012, Pages 79-86

Hassan Ziaaddini; Mansooreh Nasirian; Nouzar Nakhaee

Methadone Treatment in Iranian Opiate Addicts: A Preliminary Report

Volume 3, 1-2, January 2011

Mahin Eslami Shahrbabaki; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Akbar Hagh Doost; Mahdi Ghasemi; Parvin Eslami Shahrbabaki; Roghayeh Alizadeh Nouri; Nasrin Eslami Shahrbabaki

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Conduct Disorder in Children of Drug Dependent Parents

Volume 2, 3-4, June 2010

Nooshin Parvaresh; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Kheradmand; Hamidreza Bayati

Substance Misuse Patterns and Blood Types of Self-Introduced Addicts to Substance Rehabilitation Centers of Bam City

Volume 2, 3-4, June 2010

Mohammadreza Aflatoonian; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Kheradmand; Manzumeh Shamsi Meimandi; Kouros Divsalar; Majid Mahmoodi

The Prevalence of at Least One-Time Substance Abuse among Kerman Pre-university Male Students

Volume 2, 3-4, June 2010

Hassan Ziaaddini; Amir Sharifi; Nouzar Nakhaee; Ahmad Ziaaddini

Comparison of Internalizing Disorders in 8-14-Year-Old Offsprings of Opium and Heroin Dependent Parents: A Case- Control Study

Volume 2, 1-2, January 2010

Mahin Eslami Shahrbabaki; Hassan Ziaaddini; Hamdollah Saieedi Gargari; Nouzar Nakhaiee; Parvin Eslami Shahrbabaki; Nasrin Eslami Sharbabaki

Comparative Evaluation of Psychiatric Disorders in Opium and Heroin Dependent Patients

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2009

Alireza Ghaffari Nejad; Hassan Ziaadini; Nabi Banazadeh

Disruptive Behavior Disorders in 8 to 14 Years Old Offspring’s of Opium and Heroin Dependent Parents: a Case-Control Study

Volume 1, Issue 2, November 2009

Mahin Eslami Shahrbabaki; Hassan Ziaaddini; Hamdollah Saieedi; Nouzar Nakhaiee

Epidemiologic Study on Drug Abuse among First and Second Grade High School Students in Kerman

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 2009

Nouzar Nakhaee; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Karimzadeh