Rare Variant of Lycanthropy and Ecstasy

Document Type : Case Report(s)


1 Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Kerman University of Medical Science

2 Resident of Neurology, School of Medicine, Kerman University of Medical Sciences

3 Resident of Psychiatry, School of Medicine and Neuroscience Research Center Kerman University of Medical Sciences


Abstract Background: Lycanthropy is an unusual belief or delusion in which the patient thinks that he/she has been transformed into an animal. In rare cases, the patient believes that another person has been transformed into an animal. Case Report: We report a patient with an uncommon variant of lycanthropy is introduced. The symptoms appeared after consumption of ecstasy. This shows the occurrences of uncommon and rare psychosis after ecstasy drug use especially in patients susceptible to schizophrenia. Ecstasy drug can induce paranoid psychosis similar to schizophrenia. In the presented case, ecstasy seemed to have a role in patient's underlying susceptibility to schizophrenia. Keywords: Lycanthropy, Ecstasy