Author = Kouros Divsalar
Promoter Methylation of Two HOXA9 and NISCH Genes in Opium Users

Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 87-92


Majid Mahmoodi; Fatemeh Karami; Hamidreza Abdollahi; Navidreza Giahi; Kouros Divsalar; Amin Honarmand; Mohammad Hossein Modarressi

Effects of Methamphetamine on Testes Histopathology and Spermatogenesis Indices of Adult Male Rats

Volume 9, Issue 4, November 2017, Pages 199-205

Arezoo Saberi; Gholamreza Sepehri; Zohreh Safi; Behzad Razavi; Faranak Jahandari; Kouros Divsalar; Ehsan Salarkia

Investigating Changes in Serum Biochemical Parameters in Opium Addicts Before and During Addiction Treatment

Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2016, Pages 211-217

Sedigheh Barzehkar; Mohammad Hossein Gozashti; Kouros Divsalar; Mahdieh Mashrouteh; Amir Hossein Darvishi-Lardi

Fasting Blood Glucose and Insulin Level in Opium Addict versus Non-Addict Individuals

Volume 7, 1-2, January 2015, Pages 54-59

Mohammad Hossein Gozashti; Farzaneh Yazdi; Pouria Salajegheh; Mohammad Moein Dehesh; Kouros Divsalar

The Effect of Concomitant Ethanol and Opium Consumption on Lipid Profiles and Atherosclerosis in Golden Syrian Hamster’s Aorta

Volume 5, 3-4, August 2013, Pages 83-89

Jahanbanoo Shahryari; Moein Poormorteza; Arash Noori-Sorkhani; Kouros Divsalar; Ebrahim Abbasi-Oshaghi

Comparison of Duration of Spinal Anesthesia with Lidocaine or Lidocaine Plus Epinephrine between Addicts and Non-addicts

Volume 4, 3-4, December 2012, Pages 95-101

Afshin Mansourian; Mohammad Askarzadeh; Mohammad Shabani; Kouros Divsalar

Destructive Effects of Prenatal WIN 55212-2 Exposure on Central Nervous System of Neonatal Rats

Volume 4, 1-2, July 2012, Pages 9-19

Mohammad Shabani; Kouros Divsalar; Mahyar Janahmadi

Economic Appraisal of Urine Opiates Screening Test: A Study in Kerman, Iran

Volume 3, 3-4, February 2011, Pages 79-84

Kouros Divsalar; Minoo Mahmoodi; Nouzar Nakhaee

The Study of Substructures of Addiction Phenomena in High School Students Using Problem Finding Workshops

Volume 3, 1-2, January 2011

Manzumeh Shamsi Meymandi; Hossein Safizadeh; Kouros Divsalar; Ramin Rastegariyanzadeh; Gioia Heravi; Majid Mahmoodi; Ali Kheradmand

Attitude of University Students towards Waterpipe Smoking: A Study in Iran

Volume 3, 1-2, January 2011

Abdol-Reza Sabahy; Kouros Divsalar; Nouzar Nakhaee

Substance Misuse Patterns and Blood Types of Self-Introduced Addicts to Substance Rehabilitation Centers of Bam City

Volume 2, 3-4, June 2010

Mohammadreza Aflatoonian; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Kheradmand; Manzumeh Shamsi Meimandi; Kouros Divsalar; Majid Mahmoodi

Religious Attitude Associated with General Health and Smoking in Iranian Students

Volume 2, 1-2, January 2010

Kouros Divsalar; Samira Nejadnaderi; Nowzar Nakhaee; Saed Rouhani

A Review on Hematological Factors in Opioid-Dependent People (Opium and Heroin) after the Withdrawal Period

Volume 2, 1-2, January 2010

Tahereh Haghpanah; Mohammadreza Afarinesh; Kouros Divsalar