Author = Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh
The Relationship between Dysfunctional Attitudes and Communication Skills of Women with an Addicted Husband on the Verge of Divorce

Volume 11, Issue 1, May 2019, Pages 51-57

Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh; Zohre Rajabizadeh; Solmaz Shokouhi Moghadam; Zahra Vafadoost

The Effectiveness of the Harm Reduction Group Therapy Based on Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory on Risky Behaviors of Drug-Dependent Sex Worker Women

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 175-182

Marjan Rabani-Bavojdan; Mozhgan Rabani-Bavojdan; Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh; Nahid Kaviani; Ali Bahramnejad; Zohreh Ghaffari; Mehdi Shafiei-Bafti

Relationships between Dissociative Disorders and Personality Traits in Opium Addicts on Methadone Treatment

Volume 5, 1-2, January 2013, Pages 21-26

Alireza Ghafarinezhad; Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh; Vahid Shahriari

Impacts of Mothers’ Occupation Status and Parenting Styles on Levels of Self-Control, Addiction to Computer Games, and Educational Progress of Adolescents

Volume 4, 3-4, December 2012, Pages 102-110

Yasamin Abedini; Bibi Eshrat Zamani; Ali Kheradmand; Ghodratollah Rajabizadeh