Author = Ali Mehdizadeh Zare Anari
Fetishism Due to Methamphetamine (Glass) Abuse: A Case Report

Volume 5, 1-2, January 2013, Pages 73-76

Ali Mehdizadeh Zare Anari; Alireza Ghafarinezhad; Hoda Soltani

Suicide in Narcotic Drugs Dependents

Volume 4, 1-2, July 2012, Pages 43-48

Alireza Ghaffari Nejad; Ali Mehdizadeh Zare Anari; Fatemeh Pouya; Mahdieh Mashroteh

The Correlation between Emotional Intelligence and Instable Personality in Substance Abusers

Volume 3, 3-4, February 2011, Pages 130-136

Fatemeh Haj Hosseini; Ali Mehdizadeh Zare Anari