Author = Seyed Yaser Hashemi
Review on the Implementation of the Islamic Republic of Iran about Tobacco Control, Based on MPOWER, in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control by the World Health Organization

Volume 9, Issue 3, October 2017, Pages 183-189

Mahmood Alimohammadi; Hossein Jafari-Mansoorian; Seyed Yaser Hashemi; Victoria Momenabadi; Seyed Mehdi Ghasemi; Kamaladdin Karimyan

Factors Affecting Hookah Smoking Trend in the Society: A Review Article

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 123-135

Victoria Momenabadi; Mohammad Hossein Kaveh; Seyed Yaser Hashemi; Vahid Reza Borhaninejad