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Original Article(s)
1. Methadone Replacement Therapy and Sexual Disorders among Opium Dependent Iranian Men: A Meta-Analysis Study

Masoudeh Babakhanian; Ali Akbar Haghdoost; Mahdi Afshari; Fatemeh Taghizadeh; Mahmood Moosazadeh

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 1-10

  Background: Evaluation of sexual disorders among persons receiving methadone replacement therapy is of great importance, because these problems may lead to non-compliance and relapse. This study aimed to estimate the effect of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) on sexual function among addicted Iranian ...  Read More

Case Report(s)
2. Loperamide Dependence: A Case Report

Mehran Zarghami; Maryam Rezapour

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 59-63

  Background: Loperamide is used as an antidiarrheal drug and is available over-the-counter. It cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and it does not have a considerable abuse potential. It can lead to dangerous cardiac arrhythmia.Case Report: Herein, we report a 35-year-old man with a 13-year history of ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
3. A Case-Control Study of Comparison of Plasma Levels of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 in Inhaled Opium Addicts and Clinically Healthy Persons

Maryam Amizadeh; Shahryar Dabiri; Armin Javedan; Ali Eftekharian; Aliasghar Arabi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 11-16

  cancer invasion and lymphatic metastasis. Smoking has been reported to increase the metalloproteinase level, but the role of opium consumption in metalloproteinase level has not yet been examined. The current research intended to examine the impacts of opium consumption on the serum levels of metalloproteinase.Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
4. Comparison between Homocysteine, Fibrinogen, PT, PTT, INR and CRP in Male Smokers with/without Addiction to Opium

Nahid Azdaki; Mahmood Zardast; Gholamreza Anani-Sarab; Hamid Abdorrazaghnaejad; Mohammad Reza Ghasemian; Amin Saburi

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 17-23

  Background: Regarding the limited studies about effects of addiction on coagulation factors as a risk factor for increasing coagulation, and its relation to coronary artery disease, we decided to investigate the effect of opium on inflammatory and coagulation factors in a controlled setting.Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
5. Effectiveness of Resilience Training on Ego-control and Hardiness of Illicit Drug Users

Amin Roustaei; Babollah Bakhshipoor; Younes Doostian; Ali Akbar Goodiny; Mansoureh Koohikar; Omid Massah

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 24-31

  Background: The aim of this research was to determine the effectiveness of resilience training upon ego-control and hardiness of the addicted persons.Methods: This was a semi-experimental study with pretest and posttest control groups which was conducted in Sari, Iran, during 2014-2015. Thirty persons ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
6. Typology of Street Substance Users' Communities in Tehran, Iran

Masoomeh Maarefvand; Mohammad Sadegh Shirazi; Raha Peyravi; Ali Farhoudian

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 32-39

  Background: There are different street substance users' communities (SSUCs). Typology of SSUCs in Tehran, Iran was approached in this qualitative study.Methods: Using content analysis and saturation principles, 22 street-outreach workers were recruited and interviewed. Data were analyzed using open, ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
7. Sexual Risk Behaviors and Condom Use Barriers in Iranian Men with Substance Use Disorders

Effat Merghati-Khoei; Zahed Rezaei; Davood Shojaei-Zadeh; Nammam Ali Azadi; Shahnaz Rimaz; Alireza Bayat; Saeedeh Moayedi-Nia; Sanaz Omati; Farahnaz Salimi; Jeffrey Korte; Therese Killeen; Minoo Mohraz

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 40-47

  Background: We aimed to investigate risky sexual behaviors (RSBs) and condom use barriers in Iranian men with substance use disorders (SUDs).Methods: Of the total 1800 outpatient drug free (ODF) and methadone maintenance treatment program (MMTP) active centers in Tehran, Iran, six were selected to participate ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
8. Content Analysis of the Concept of Addiction in High School Textbooks of Iran

Mohammad Hasan Mirzamohammadi; Sayedeh Zainab Mousavi; Omid Massah; Ali Farhoudian

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, Pages 48-58

  Background: This research sought to determine how well the causes of addiction, addiction harms, and prevention of addiction have been noticed in high school textbooks.Methods: We used descriptive method to select the main related components of the addiction concept and content analysis method for analyzing ...  Read More