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Original Article(s)
1. Prevalence of Use of Anabolic Steroids by Bodybuilders Using Three Methods in a City of Iran

Mohammad Reza Nakhaee; Faezeh Pakravan; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 77-82

  Background: The prevalence of substance use among bodybuilding athletes has been poorly studied in Iran. This study was conducted to examine the prevalence of drug use, especially anabolic steroids, among bodybuilding athletes. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the first half of 2013 ...  Read More

Review Article(s)
2. Meta-analysis of Smoking Prevalence in Iran

Mahmood Moosazadeh; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Mirzazadeh; Ahad Ashrafi-Asgarabad; Ali Akbar Haghdoost

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 140-153

  Background: There are numerous studies and documents regarding the prevalence of smoking in Iran. Thus, to provide suitable information for decision-making and policy-making in this regard, the prevalence of smoking in Iran was evaluated using the meta-analysis of the results of the existing researches. ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
3. The Effect of Concomitant Ethanol and Opium Consumption on Lipid Profiles and Atherosclerosis in Golden Syrian Hamster’s Aorta

Jahanbanoo Shahryari; Moein Poormorteza; Arash Noori-Sorkhani; Kouros Divsalar; Ebrahim Abbasi-Oshaghi

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 83-89

  Background: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause of mortality in the world and is normally argued as the third cause of all mortalities. Opium and alcohol every day consumption can cause people to have many health problems. The present study aimed to assess the effect of ethanol and opium consumption ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
4. Beneficial Effects of Rosmarinus Officinalis for Treatment of Opium Withdrawal Syndrome during Addiction Treatment Programs: A Clinical Trial

Hassan Solhi; Bahman Salehi; Abbas Alimoradian; Shirin Pazouki; Mohsen Taghizadeh; Ali Mohammad Saleh; Amir Mohammad Kazemifar

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 90-94

  Background: Withdrawal syndrome may influence patient's motivation for participation in addiction treatment programs. Management of the symptoms can improve the success rate of addiction treatment programs. In the present study, we have evaluated the efficiency of an herbal product as adjunct therapy ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
5. Frequency of Opium Addiction with Ischemic Stroke Patients and Comparing Their Cerebrovascular Doppler Ultrasound Alternations to Non-Addicts

Akbar Hamzei-Moghaddam; Mohammad Ali Shafa; Narges Khanjani; Reza Farahat

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 95-101

  Background: Ischemic stroke is a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Various studies on the etiology of this disease are in progress. Some studies have suggested that opium abuse may is associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke. The present study aimed to analyze the frequency of ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
6. Smoking Intensity and its Relation to General Health of the Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Mansoureh Nasirian; Hassan Ziaaddini; Somayeh Asadollahi

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 102-107

  Background: Considering the need for a better understanding of smoking among the student population and its impact on their mental health and their success, this study was conducted in Kerman Medical Sciences University. Methods: This cross-sectional study on 772 students, chosen by random sampling, ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
7. Association between Parental Addiction and Types of Child Abuse in High-School Students of Kerman, Iran

Amir Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Mahin Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Maryam Kalantari

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 108-114

  Background: Child abuse is one of the vulnerabilities that threaten child's physical and mental health in childhood and is associated with serious short-term and long-term complications. The present study aimed to review the association of parental addiction with types of child abuse in high-school students ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
8. Psychopathological Dimensions in Substance Abusers with and without HIV/AIDS and Healthy Matched Group

Sajjad Rezaei; Sonbol Taramian; Seyed Mousa Kafie

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 115-125

  Background: Inattention to symptoms of mental disorders and substance abuse in patients with HIV/AIDS and other at-risk groups, may lead to irreversible damages. The purpose of this study was to compare the psychopathological dimensions in substance abusers with and without HIV/AIDS and healthy matched ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
9. Reviewing the Association between the History of Parental Substance Abuse and the Rate of Child Abuse

Mahmoud Yaghoubi-Doust

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 126-133

  Background: Substance abuse is a social, and health problem in Middle Eastern countries such as Iran. One of its most devastating effects is domestic violence against children. This study examined the association between the history of parental substance abuse, and rate of child abuse in Ahvaz, Iran. ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
10. Responsible of Socio-economic Factors with Addiction in Yazd: An Opinion Survey

Zahra Pourmovahed; Seyed Mojtaba Yassini-Ardakani

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, Pages 134-139

  Background: Addiction has a long history in Iran and it is one of the social problems that create psychological and social conflicts for addicts and their families. Addiction just like other social deviations affects young who are the most valuable assets of a nation. Recognition of socio-economic factors ...  Read More