Methadone Treatment in Iranian Opiate Addicts: A Preliminary Report

Mahin Eslami Shahrbabaki, Hassan Ziaaddini, Ali Akbar Hagh Doost, Mahdi Ghasemi, Parvin Eslami Shahrbabaki, Roghayeh Alizadeh Nouri, Nasrin Eslami Shahrbabaki


Background: This study aimed to investigate the initial dosage of methadone and factors affecting it in maintenance therapy.

Methods: This cross-sectional, descriptive-analytic study was conducted on 157 individuals referring to a methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) clinic. The initial dosage of methadone was 20-45 mg which was adjusted during the treatment based on each patient's evaluation. Three groups were formed according to methadone dosage (less than 30 mg, between 30-50 mg, and more than 50 mg).

Findings: Significant relations were observed between increased methadone dosage in the initial phase and marital status (P = 0.03), injection (P = 0.03), medical comorbidity (P = 0.009), and borderline personality disorder (P < 0.001).

Conclusion: Further studies with larger sample size and including the history of previous detoxification, substance abuse, omission of self-recording, evaluation of women’s addiction and MMT program performance with counseling support should be performed.

Keywords: Addiction, Methadone, Personality disorder.

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