Results of Activity of Anonymous Alcoholic Association in Iran

Fahimeh Mohseni, Raheleh Rafaiee


Background: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) for alcoholics in the world. During the recent decades, Iran has suffered from alcohol abuse and its consequences. Alcoholism is a taboo subject in Iran and there are few studies in this area. This is the first study in Iran to investigate the results of the activity of anonymous alcoholics.

Methods: Data were collected from the improved members of the AA in Iran (n = 6197).

Findings: The obtained results included members’ demographic characteristics, age of sobriety, average attendance in weekly meetings, status of the sponsor, status of relapse, and the way of entering each member into AA groups.

Conclusion: The activity of the AA in Iran is facing limitations and obstacles. The number of individuals with sobriety age above 20 years is not available because of the short-age activity of the AA in Iran. The number of men using this program is higher compared to women. Most members are individuals aging 31 to 40 years who are considered active members of the society.


Alcohol abuse; Anonymous alcoholics; Iran

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