Genotoxic and Carcinogenic Effect of Gutkha: A Fast-growing Smokeless Tobacco

Bharat Sankhla, Khushboo Kachhwaha, Sayed Yawer Hussain, Shikha Saxena, Sundragiri Krishana-Sireesha, Akashay Bhargava


Oral cancer is a highly lethal disease and one of the most debilitating and disfiguring of all malignancies in the world. According to Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) 2010 report, 60% of tobacco users in India use only smokeless tobacco. Among 206 million smokeless tobacco users, 65.1 million are consuming gutkha. In recent years, gutkha is recognized as a life threatening disorder with the serious health consequences. The aim of this review is to increase the attention to complete ban of tobacco use, awareness, knowledge, and beliefs of public about the harms of not only gutkha but also all other tobacco products and also to promote the intentions to quit the habits.


Tobacco; Gutkha; Oral cancer; Carcinogens

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