Effectiveness of Transactional Analysis Group Therapy on Addiction Intensity of Woman Patients Treated with Methadone

Niloofar Etemadi-Chardah, Bahman Matinpour, Rasoul Heshmati


Background: Addiction brings about severe and profound physical, psychological and social damages such as divorce, crime, and unemployment. The present study was to investigate the effectiveness of transactional analysis (TA) therapy on addiction intensity of woman patients treated with methadone.

Methods: The research design was quasi-experimental with a pretest-posttest and a control group. The statistical population consisted of all the addicted women who referred to any drug rehabilitation center of Tehran, Iran, in 2016. They were selected using available sampling. Forty addicted patients were placed randomly in both the experimental and control groups. Addiction severity index (ASI) and demographic questionnaires were used. Group therapy using TA approach was executed on the experimental group for
10 sessions, each session for 2 hours (one session per week).

Findings: The results of covariance analysis after controlling pretest showed that the difference between test and control group was significant for three subscales of psychological, drug abuse and alcohol consumption status (P < 0.001). The difference between test and control groups was significant considering the seven-variable centroid (P < 0.001). The difference in dimensions of addiction intensity between the two groups was significant (P < 0.001). Also, analysis of the variables separately showed significant differences in psychiatric condition, drug and alcohol use dimensions (P < 0.001).

Conclusion: Based on these findings, it seems that group therapy using TA approach is effective in reducing addiction intensity of woman patients treated with methadone. Therefore, it can be concluded that TA group interventions account for 76% of the changes in psychological status, 43% of the changes in drug abuse status, and 49% of the changes in alcohol consumption status in woman patients under methadone treatment.


Transactional analysis approach; Addiction; Intensity; Methadone

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22122/ahj.v9i3.451


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