Enucleation of Eye Using Finger Following Cannabis Consumption

Abdoul Reza Sabahi, Zahra Amini-Ranjbar, Ali Sharifi, Ali Kheradmand


Background: Enucleation is a topic discussed in psychiatry which is a self-injury matter. Enucleation is observed as psychotic disorder due to substance abuse. In people with mental disorders who also have substance use leading to hallucinations and delusions, unusual eye evacuation were reported. In most cases, enucleation was done using sharp tools.

Case Report: This report describes a man suffering from psychosis after consuming hashish and has attempted to evacuate his eyes with his finger.

Conclusion: Given the increasing prevalence of hashish use by young people, and false beliefs about the use of hashish in order to withdraw other substances, preventive methods and education for young and vulnerable people are suggested.


Eye enucleation, Substance use, Hashish

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22122/ahj.v6i1-2.158


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