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Addiction and Health is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal in English. This publication offers an opportunity to researchers to publish findings of their research into the impact of addiction, in its broad sense, on health, of any sort, in all areas of psychiatry, psychology, medicine, etc. In addition to original articles, taking priority, critical review articles and case reports, the journal welcomes short communications and letters to editors.  

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Original Article
1. Waterpipe Smoking among Herat University Students: Prevalence, Attitudes, and Associated Factors

Aziz-ur-Rahman Niazi; Nasar Ahmad Shayan; Su Ozgur; Shafiq Ahmad Joya; Hilal Ozcebe

Volume 12, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, Pages 235-243

  AbstractBackground: Waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) is an ancient type of smoking that has become a globalphenomenon. This study aimed to identify the prevalence of waterpipe smoking and its relation tosocio-demographic characteristics in Herat University students in western Afghanistan.Methods: In this ...  Read More

Original Article
2. Evaluation of Antioxidant Capacity and Cotinine Levels of Saliva in Male Smokers and Non-smokers

Ala Ghazi; Atessa Pakfetrat; Seyed Isaac Hashemy; Farzaneh Boroomand; Abdollah Javan-Rashid

Volume 12, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, Pages 244-250

  Background: The cigarette compounds are associated with the increase in the incidence of oral cancer andprecancerous lesions. Salivary antioxidant system plays an important role in anti-carcinogenic capacity ofsaliva. Cotinine, a nicotine metabolite, has a longer half-life in comparison with nicotine ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
3. Chronic Exposure to Morphine Leads to a Reduced Affective Pain Response in the Presence of Hyperalgesia in an Animal Model of Empathy

Masoud Nazeri-Rezaabad; Zahra Jamalpoor; Mohammad Sadegh Alemrajabi; Masoomeh Nozari; Moazamehosadat Razavinasab; Akram Nezhadi

Volume 12, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, Pages 251-258

  Background: Empathy is the capability to represent the mental and emotional states of other subjects.Previous studies have demonstrated a possible correlation between morphine addiction and altered empathyresponse in morphine-addicted subjects. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of chronic ...  Read More

Original Article
4. Effect of Magnesium Sulfate Added to Tincture of Opium and Buprenorphine on Pain and Quality of Life in Women with Dysmenorrhea: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Trial

Bijan Pirnia; Raheleh Masoudi; Kambiz Pirnia; Mina Jalali; Mohammad Reza Eslami; Parastoo Malekanmehr; Fariborz Pirnia; Ladan Ajori

Volume 12, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, Pages 259-268

  Background: Adding magnesium sulfate (MgSO4) to opioid receptor agonists increases the opioid analgesiceffects via blocking this receptor. The current study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of adding MgSO4 totincture of opium (TOP) and buprenorphine (BUP) on pain and quality of life (QOL).Methods: ...  Read More

Original Article
5. The Effect of Individual and Group Education Done by Nurses on Smoking Dependency and Smoking Cessation Motivation in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Afsaneh Badrooh; Naser Mozaffari; Ameneh Barikani; Behrouz Dadkhah

Volume 12, Issue 4 , Autumn 2020, Pages 269-277

  Background: This study was carried out to reveal the effect of individual and group education done by a nurseon smoking dependency and smoking cessation motivation in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD).Methods: The present randomized controlled trial study was conducted in Iran. A total of 255 ...  Read More

1. Sex under Influence of Drugs: A Nationwide Survey among Iranian Female Sex Workers

Atiyeh Kamel-Khodabandeh; Moghaddameh Mirzaee; Yunes Jahani; Hamid Sharifi

Volume 10, Issue 4 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 205-215

  Background: Due to the high level of sexual relationships, prostitute women are faced with many dangers, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), fertility problems, drug use, etc. In this regard, addict prostitute women are exposed to more risks because ...  Read More

2. Cross-country Comparison of Treatment Policies Facing the Drug Abuse in Five Selected Countries

Mohammad Hossein Mehrolhasani; Vahid Yazdi-Feyzabadi; Ahmad Hajebi; Saeid Mirzaei

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 81-92

  Background: Drug abuse is one of the main problems of human's life; thus communities have been thinkingabout the solution of this problem. The present study aimed to compare the general features of drug abusetreatment policies, war on drugs (WOD), and harm reduction (HR), in the selected countries.Methods: ...  Read More

3. Alcohol Abuse, Consequences and Treatments from the Perspective of Traditional Iranian Medicine: A Review Study

Masoud Moghadari; Haleh Tajeddini; Mohammad Setayesh; Mohadese Kamali

Volume 11, Issue 3 , Summer 2019, , Pages 192-201

  Background: Alcohol use has always been prevalent in human societies, but in many Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, national laws prohibit the consumption of this substance. Methods: In this study, reference books on traditional Iranian medicine and electronic documents from Google Scholar, ...  Read More

4. The Relationship between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Religious Orientation with Perceived Stress and Cigarette Addiction among University Students

Nabi Banazadeh; Abdolreza Sabahi; Hasan Ziaadini; Arash jalali khalilabadi; Mohammad Banazadeh

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 73-80

  Background: Psychological stress is associated with unhealthy lifestyles, including smoking. Moreover, religiousbeliefs can play a significant role in relieving mental disorders such as anxiety and stress. Due to the frequentexposure of medical students to stressful situations, this study was conducted ...  Read More