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1. The Correlation between Methadone Dosage and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Patients on Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Nooshin Parvaresh; Arman Masoudi; Shiva Majidi; Shahrzad Mazhari

Volume 4, 1-2 , Summer 2012, , Pages 1-8

  Background: Methadone Maintenance Treatment is a useful method for opioid dependents, which results in harm reduction and increased quality of life in opioid dependents. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in addicts is higher than in the general population which can interfere with the course and ...  Read More

2. The Effectiveness of Group Therapy on the Family Functioning of Individuals under Methadone Treatment: A Clinical Trial

Hassan Ziaaddini; Batoul Ebrahim Nejad; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 5, 1-2 , Winter 2013, , Pages 1-6

  Background: A significant number of opioid-dependent patients in Iran are now being treated by methadone maintenance therapy (MMT). One of the social complications of substance dependency is family disorganization and a decrease in marital satisfaction. This study aimed to determine the effect of group ...  Read More

3. Potential Effect of Opium Consumption on Controlling Diabetes and Some Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Diabetic Patients

Najmeh Rahimi; Mohamad Hossain Gozashti; Hamid Najafipour; Mostafa Shokoohi; Hamid Marefati

Volume 6, 1-2 , Winter 2014, , Pages 1-6

  Background: Due to this belief that opium may have beneficial effects on diabetes or cardiovascular risk factors, the present study aimed to assess the potential and possible effects of opium consumption on diabetes control and some cardiovascular risk factors in diabetic patients. Methods: This study ...  Read More

4. Network Location and Risk of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Transmission among ‎Injecting Drug Users: Results of Multiple Membership Multilevel Modeling of Social ‎Networks

Armita Shahesmaeili ‎; Ali Akbar Haghdoost ‎; Hamid Soori ‎

Volume 7, 1-2 , Winter 2015, , Pages 1-13

  Background: Despite the implementation of harm reduction program, some injecting drug users (IDU) continue to engage in high-risk behaviors. It seems that there are some social factors that contribute to risk of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) transmission in IDUs. The aim of this study was to analysis ...  Read More

5. Screening for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Smoking Cessation ‎Clinic in France

Pougnet Richard; Heno Gilles; Zarrin Alavi; Lienau Christine; Le Bretonnic Maryline; Garlantézec Ronan; Pougnet Laurence; Perriot Jean; Dewitte Jean-Dominique

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Winter 2016, , Pages 1-8

  Background: The purpose of this study was to detect chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) among smokers seeking treatment for the first time in a smoking cessation clinic and to assess the predictors of positive screening. Methods: This study was based on a multicenter survey with questionnaires ...  Read More

6. Methadone Replacement Therapy and Sexual Disorders among Opium Dependent Iranian Men: A Meta-Analysis Study

Masoudeh Babakhanian; Ali Akbar Haghdoost; Mahdi Afshari; Fatemeh Taghizadeh; Mahmood Moosazadeh

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, , Pages 1-10

  Background: Evaluation of sexual disorders among persons receiving methadone replacement therapy is of great importance, because these problems may lead to non-compliance and relapse. This study aimed to estimate the effect of methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) on sexual function among addicted Iranian ...  Read More

7. Effectiveness of Narrative Therapy in Groups on Psychological Well-being and Distress of Iranian Women with Addicted Husbands

Mohammad Khodayarifard; Gholamreza Sohrabpour

Volume 10, Issue 1 , Winter 2018, , Pages 1-10

  Background: This paper investigated the effectiveness of narrative therapy in groups on psychological well-being and distress among Iranian women with addicted husbands.Methods: The research was an experimental study with pretest-posttest control group design along with follow-ups of one month and three ...  Read More

8. Investigation of a Preliminary Mixed Method of Phubbing and Social Connectedness in Adolescents

Chin-Siang Ang; Kye-Mei Teo; Yong-Le Ong; Siau-Li Siak

Volume 11, Issue 1 , Spring 2019, , Pages 1-10

  Background: The exponential growth of smartphones has afforded many users with ubiquitous access to socialization as seen in the various mobile apps used to communicate and connect with others. The present study employed mixed-method approaches to analyse the impact of phubbing on social connectedness ...  Read More

9. The Effect of Information Therapy on Treatment Adherence among Patients Referred to Addiction Treatment Centers

Mohammad Azami; Motahareh Pilevarzadeh; Neda Sharifi

Volume 12, Issue 1 , Winter 2020, , Pages 1-10

  Background: The low level of drug adherence in addicts who are quitting is one of the biggest challenges inthe treatment and management of this disease. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the effect ofinformation therapy on adherence to treatment among the patients in addiction treatment centers.Methods: ...  Read More

10. Loperamide Dependence: A Case Report

Mehran Zarghami; Maryam Rezapour

Volume 9, Issue 1 , Spring 2017, , Pages 59-63

  Background: Loperamide is used as an antidiarrheal drug and is available over-the-counter. It cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and it does not have a considerable abuse potential. It can lead to dangerous cardiac arrhythmia.Case Report: Herein, we report a 35-year-old man with a 13-year history of ...  Read More

11. Predisposing Factors for Methadone Poisoning in Children Hospitalized at ‎Kerman Afzalipour Hospital, Iran

Ali Hosseininasab; Aliasghar Vahidi; Fatemeh Bagheri-Charouk

Volume 8, Issue 1 , Winter 2016, , Pages 61-66

  Background: Methadone is a synthetic opioid that has been used to relieve severe pain in addiction withdrawal. Unfortunately, due to non-standard supply and storage, the incidence of poisoning and deaths caused by this drug is increasing daily. The purpose of this study was to determine the underlying ...  Read More

12. The Relationship between Personality Disorders and the Type of Crime Committed and Substance Used among Prisoners

Shahin Fakhrzadegan; Hossein Gholami-Doon; Bagher Shamloo; Solmaz Shokouhi-Moqhaddam

Volume 9, Issue 2 , Summer 2017, , Pages 64-71

  Background: Prisoners are a vulnerable group within societies, and also threaten society due to their dangerous behavior. The objective of the present study was to evaluate the relationship between prisoners’ personality disorders and their crime and substance use.Methods: This was a descriptive-correlational ...  Read More

13. Ginger Extract Reduces Chronic Morphine-Induced Neuroinflammation and Glial Activation in Nucleus Accumbens of Rats

Shima Torkzadeh-Mahani; Saeed Esmaeili-Mahani; Sima Nasri; Fatemeh Darvishzadeh; Reyhaneh Naderi

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 66-72

  Background: Chronic usage of morphine elicits the production of inflammatory factors by glial cells andinduces neuroinflammation. Ginger (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe) is a medicinal herb that has antiinflammatory properties. It has been reported that ginger shows anti-addictive effects against chronic ...  Read More

15. An Overview of the Research Reports on Addiction in Iranian Journals from 2010 to 2015

Mehran Zarghami; Fatemeh Taghizadeh; Masoadeh Babakhanian; Maedeh Vaghefinejad

Volume 10, Issue 2 , Spring 2018, , Pages 67-75

  Background: The articles and research reports presented in the scientific journals are selected without a proper critical appraisal in many cases. This is a major problem, as it leads to the opinions of the experts being neglected in many of these scientific journals. A descriptive study was done in ...  Read More

16. Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Training on the Reduction of Craving ‎in Drug Abusers

Hamed Choopan; Seyed Mohammad Kalantarkousheh; Yousef Aazami; Younes Doostian; Ali Farhudian; Omid Massah

Volume 8, Issue 2 , Spring 2016, , Pages 68-75

  Background: Emotion regulation appears to provide individuals with a doubled ability to avoid drug relapse and assists with the control of temptation to reuse, which is a type of tendency-avoidance conflict. The present study aims to investigate the effect of Gross model-based emotion regulation training ...  Read More

17. Comparing the Efficacy of Methadone and Tincture of Opium in Controlling Agitation Caused by Withdrawal Syndrome in Opium-Addicted Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: A Randomized Trial Study

Seyed Mojtaba Sohrevardi; Mostafa Pournamdari; Raazieh Salimi; Farhad Sarrafzadeh; Mehdi Ahmadinejad

Volume 12, Issue 2 , Spring 2020, , Pages 69-76

  Background: Few studies have been conducted regarding the comparison of the efficacy of methadone andtincture of opium (TOP) in controlling agitation induced by withdrawal syndrome. Therefore, the currentrandomized trial study is carried out with the aim to evaluate comparisons on the efficacy of methadone ...  Read More

18. Fetishism Due to Methamphetamine (Glass) Abuse: A Case Report

Ali Mehdizadeh Zare Anari; Alireza Ghafarinezhad; Hoda Soltani

Volume 5, 1-2 , Winter 2013, , Pages 73-76

  Background: Fetishism is a type of paraphilia. The focus of sexual arousal in fetishism is oriented towards inanimate objects. Sexual arousal and craving are some of the reasons the youth resort to crystal (glass). Drug abuse may cause disorders in sexual function. Case Report: The patient was a 41 years ...  Read More

19. Prevalence of Use of Anabolic Steroids by Bodybuilders Using Three Methods in a City of Iran

Mohammad Reza Nakhaee; Faezeh Pakravan; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 5, 3-4 , Summer 2013, , Pages 77-82

  Background: The prevalence of substance use among bodybuilding athletes has been poorly studied in Iran. This study was conducted to examine the prevalence of drug use, especially anabolic steroids, among bodybuilding athletes. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the first half of 2013 ...  Read More

20. Economic Appraisal of Urine Opiates Screening Test: A Study in Kerman, Iran

Kouros Divsalar; Minoo Mahmoodi; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 3, 3-4 , Winter 2011, , Pages 79-84

  Background: Cost effectiveness, the ratio of relative costs of a program to its desired outcomes, is one of the basic issues in various screening programs performed to detect opium abuse. This study aimed to find the cost-effectiveness of opiates abuse screening through urine analysis. Methods: A total ...  Read More

21. Comparison of the Efficacy of Buprenorphine and Clonidine in Detoxification of Opioid-Dependents

Hassan Ziaaddini; Mansooreh Nasirian; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 4, 3-4 , Autumn 2012, , Pages 79-86

  Background: Since the number of drug users is increasing, applying a method of detoxification with fewer side effects during withdrawal from opioids and greater reliability seems to be necessary. In addition, without maintenance treatment, there will be limited success of treatment. This study aimed ...  Read More

22. Enucleation of Eye Using Finger Following Cannabis Consumption

Abdoul Reza Sabahi; Zahra Amini-Ranjbar; Ali Sharifi; Ali Kheradmand

Volume 6, 1-2 , Winter 2014, , Pages 81-84

  Background: Enucleation is a topic discussed in psychiatry which is a self-injury matter. Enucleation is observed as psychotic disorder due to substance abuse. In people with mental disorders who also have substance use leading to hallucinations and delusions, unusual eye evacuation were reported. In ...  Read More

23. Investigating the Relationship between Personality Traits and Self-Control and ‎Nicotine Dependence Symptoms in Male Prisoners in Kerman, Iran

Tayebeh Baniassadi ‎; Zeinab Javanmard; Mahmoud Zivari-Rahman; Solmaz Shokouhi-Moqhaddam; Masoumeh Adhami

Volume 7, 1-2 , Winter 2015, , Pages 82-86

  Background: Smoking is the most common and cheapest addictive substance and has physical, psychological, and social side effects. Personality traits and low self-control have been identified as key factors for substance and tobacco abuse. This study examined the relationship between personality traits ...  Read More

24. Analysis of Gap in Service Quality in Drug Addiction Treatment Centers of ‎Kerman, Iran, Using SERVQUAL Model

Mohammad Reza Naqavi; Raheleh Refaiee; Mohammad Reza Baneshi; Nouzar Nakhaee

Volume 6, 3-4 , Summer 2014, , Pages 85-92

  Background: Treatment of drug addicts is one of the main strategies of drug control in Iran. Client satisfaction strongly influences the success of any treatment program. This study aimed to explore the difference between customer expectations and perceptions in drug addiction treatment centers of Kerman, ...  Read More

25. Breastfeeding: Negligence or Extreme Support? A Case Report of Child Abuse by a ‎Negligent Heroin-Dependent Mother

Mahin Eslami-Shahrbabaki; Delaram Barfeh; Parvin ‎ Eslami-Shahrbabaki

Volume 7, 1-2 , Winter 2015, , Pages 92-95

  Background: Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to promote, develop, and secure the health of infants. Child abuse is one of the most common and most important problems in the world, and one of the factors that increase its incidence is substance dependency of the parents. Breastfeeding beyond the ...  Read More