Kerman University of Medical Sciences
1. The Study of Substructures of Addiction Phenomena in High School Students Using Problem Finding Workshops

Manzumeh Shamsi Meymandi; Hossein Safizadeh; Kouros Divsalar; Ramin Rastegariyanzadeh; Gioia Heravi; Majid Mahmoodi; Ali Kheradmand

Volume 3, 1-2 , Winter 2011

  Background: Addiction is one of the complicated problems in Iranian young population. The social and cultural dimensions of this social disease are less considered. So considering socio-cultural and environmental resources, this study investigated the substructures of addiction according to the viewpoints ...  Read More

2. Substance Misuse Patterns and Blood Types of Self-Introduced Addicts to Substance Rehabilitation Centers of Bam City

Mohammadreza Aflatoonian; Hassan Ziaaddini; Ali Kheradmand; Manzumeh Shamsi Meimandi; Kouros Divsalar; Majid Mahmoodi

Volume 2, 3-4 , Spring 2010

  Background: With regard to the perceptible population, cultural, social and environmental changes in the aftermath of the earthquake in Bam City, this study was conducted to pinpoint substance misuse patterns and to figure out the probable relationship between substance misuse and blood types of the ...  Read More