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Addiction and Health is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal in English. This publication offers an opportunity to researchers to publish findings of their research into the impact of addiction, in its broad sense, on health, of any sort, in all areas of psychiatry, psychology, medicine, etc. In addition to original articles, taking priority, critical review articles and case reports, the journal welcomes short communications and letters to editors.  

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Original Article
1. Information Needs of Addicted Individuals: A Qualitative Case Study

Maryam Eslami-Jahromi; Sareh Keshvardoost; Roghayeh Ershad-Sarabi; Kambiz Bahaadinbeigy

Volume 13, Issue 3 , Summer 2021, Pages 138-47

  Background: The purpose of this study was to investigate the information needs of addicts from the perspective of addicts. By identifying the experiences of the individuals involved in addiction and assessing the information they need, targeted educational interventions can be provided to meet their ...  Read More

Original Article
2. Impact of Chronic Alcohol and Opioid Dependence on Biochemical Parameters: A Retrospective Case Control Study from a Tertiary Care Treatment Center in North India

Rizwana Quraishi; Siddharth Sarkar; Raka Jain

Volume 13, Issue 3 , Summer 2021, Pages 148-55

  Background: Assessment of biochemical parameters can help in the comprehensive management of patients with substance use disorders (SUDs). The aim of this study was to analyse the biochemical parameters of patients with alcohol and opioid dependence at an addiction treatment facility. Methods: This ...  Read More

Original Article(s)
3. Oral Health Determinants among Opium Users in Kerman, Iran

Amir Hossein Nekouei; Sina Kakooei; Hamid Najafipour; Shahla Kakoei

Volume 13, Issue 3 , Summer 2021, Pages 156-64

  Background: Promoting oral health is a complicated issue among drug abusers and opium is the most frequent drug abused in Iran. This study aims to find the oral health determinants of opium users in Kerman, Iran. Methods: This cross-sectional study was a part of the second phase of Kerman coronary artery ...  Read More

Original Article
4. Prevalence of Respiratory Disorders during Sleep among Subjects of Methadone Maintenance Therapy Program

Ali Talaei; Fahimeh Afzaljavan; Shabnam Niroumand; Raheleh Nejati

Volume 13, Issue 3 , Summer 2021, Pages 176-84

  Background: Respiratory disorders during sleep are considered a health problem affecting the life quality. There is some evidence indicating the higher prevalence of apnea in substance-dependent patients. However, there is no information on the prevalence of the disease in people under methadone maintenance ...  Read More

1. Sex under Influence of Drugs: A Nationwide Survey among Iranian Female Sex Workers

Atiyeh Kamel-Khodabandeh; Moghaddameh Mirzaee; Yunes Jahani; Hamid Sharifi

Volume 10, Issue 4 , Autumn 2018, , Pages 205-215

  Background: Due to the high level of sexual relationships, prostitute women are faced with many dangers, including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), fertility problems, drug use, etc. In this regard, addict prostitute women are exposed to more risks because ...  Read More

2. Cross-country Comparison of Treatment Policies Facing the Drug Abuse in Five Selected Countries

Mohammad Hossein Mehrolhasani; Vahid Yazdi-Feyzabadi; Ahmad Hajebi; Saeid Mirzaei

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 81-92

  Background: Drug abuse is one of the main problems of human's life; thus communities have been thinkingabout the solution of this problem. The present study aimed to compare the general features of drug abusetreatment policies, war on drugs (WOD), and harm reduction (HR), in the selected countries.Methods: ...  Read More

3. A Review of Alcohol-Related Harms: A Recent Update

Abedin Iranpour; Nouzar Nakhaee; Masoud Moghadari; Haleh Tajeddini

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 129-137

  In the early decades of the 20th century, discussions regarding alcohol were dominantly directed toward itstherapeutic uses, but authorities now state that any level of alcohol consumption poses negative effects onhealth. Over recent months, increased attention has been devoted to disease burdens attributable ...  Read More

4. Alcohol Abuse, Consequences and Treatments from the Perspective of Traditional Iranian Medicine: A Review Study

Masoud Moghadari; Haleh Tajeddini; Mohammad Setayesh; Mohadese Kamali

Volume 11, Issue 3 , Summer 2019, , Pages 192-201

  Background: Alcohol use has always been prevalent in human societies, but in many Muslim-majority countries, including Iran, national laws prohibit the consumption of this substance. Methods: In this study, reference books on traditional Iranian medicine and electronic documents from Google Scholar, ...  Read More

5. The Relationship between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Religious Orientation with Perceived Stress and Cigarette Addiction among University Students

Nabi Banazadeh; Abdolreza Sabahi; Hasan Ziaadini; Arash jalali khalilabadi; Mohammad Banazadeh

Volume 11, Issue 2 , Summer 2019, , Pages 73-80

  Background: Psychological stress is associated with unhealthy lifestyles, including smoking. Moreover, religiousbeliefs can play a significant role in relieving mental disorders such as anxiety and stress. Due to the frequentexposure of medical students to stressful situations, this study was conducted ...  Read More

Original Article
1. Comparison of brain magnetic resonance imaging lesions in opium addict and non-addict Patients with thrombotic stroke: A Case-Control Study

Farhad Iranmanesh

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 July 2021

  Introduction: There is no consensus on the effect of opium on stroke yet. Some studies show the negative effects of opium on ischemic stroke. Here, we attempt to compare the volume of lesions in opium addict and non-addict patients with thrombotic Stroke.Methods: This case-control study was done on patients ...  Read More

Review Article(s)
2. The emerging phenomenon of Nomophobia in young adults: A systematic review study

Venetia Notara; Elissavet Vagka; Charalampos Gnardellis; Areti Lagiou

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 August 2021

  Introduction: Nomophobia refers to the worry or fear that individuals experience when they are without their mobile phone or they are unable to use it. As a term, it was first launched in 2008 and it is considered as a modern type of phobia. The aim of the certain study was to retrieve and review the ...  Read More

Original Article
3. Oral Candida Colonization Pattern among Opium Users and Cigarette Smokers in Kerman, Iran

Nader Navabi; Seyed Amin Ayatollahi Mousavi; Nadia Anvari

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 August 2021

  Background: Candidiasis is the most common opportunistic oral infection and cigarette smoking considered as one of its well-known risk factors. However, it remains unknown whether opium users are susceptible to increased oral candida colonization. The aim of the present study was to investigate the pattern ...  Read More

Original Article
4. Psychometric Properties of the Persian Internet Addiction Test-Social Networking Sites Version (IAT-SNS): Dimensionality Assessment of SNS addiction

Yasaman Hashemi; Fariba Zarani; Mahmood Heidari; Khatereh Borhani; Shima Shakiba

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 August 2021

  Background: By evaluating the psychometric properties of the Persian Internet Addiction Test-Social Networking Sites version (IAT-SNS) in a sample of Iranian university students, this study investigated the dimensionality of social networking sites addiction for the first time. Method: A total of 620 ...  Read More

Original Article
5. Association of Opium addiction with coronary artery ectasia and Coronary artery ectasia

mahammad masoomi; gholamreza asadikaram; Naemeh Bahrami

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 August 2021

  Introduction: Coronary artery ectasia (CAE) is a rare cardiovascular disorder with unknown mechanisms and related risk factors. The roles played by homocysteine in induction of cardiovascular diseases have also been documenetd previously. This project was designed to asses the relashenship between opium ...  Read More

6. Developing a Parenting Skills Package to Parents Undergoing Substance Abuse Treatment for Preventing Addiction among Adolescents: A Study Protocol Based on Social Marketing Approach

syed hamid - hosseini; Ahmad Hajebi; Seyed Abbas Motevalian; Seyed Kaveh Hojjat; Mahnaz Ashoorkhani; roya sadeghi

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 04 August 2021

  Introduction: Developing an educational parenting skills package for parents with substance abuse may be effective in preventing the same problem in their adolescents. Social marketing is one of the approaches facilitating the preparation of educational content for this purpose. Social marketing is a ...  Read More

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